Creekside Kids: Sunday Mornings



It’s about kids – laughing, playing, singing, having fun and learning about God’s love for them and others in a very cool and safe environment. It’s about families – learning and growing on their own and together.

 Always A Safe Environment

Creekside Kids is a safe and secure environment for all children. All of our volunteers and leaders are carefully screened and supervised, and a stringent security process for all kids provides parents the assurance that their child is being well cared for during the Sunday service.






In our Preschool ministry, we strive to create the first building blocks of a strong, gospel-centered foundation for our children.

During the weekends, at Creekside Kids, we sing, dance and teach the Bible to the kids. Starting curriculum in the 2’s & 3’s room.

In our elementary ministry, we work to continue building up a strong, Jesus-centered foundation for our children. Our hope is to partner with parents in the discipleship of their children by creating environments, curriculum and resources that centre on the gospel of Jesus Christ.

On the weekends, at Creekside Kids, we worship through song, tell stories from the Bible and gather in small groups by age to talk about the Bible together.

For kids needing assistance because of a developmental or physical challenge, we work with parents to understand each child’s needs and provide a “Special Friend” for their child to enjoy the lesson with one-on-one support. Our goal is to make Creekside Kids a program for all children.


Welcoming New Families!

If you are new to Creekside Kids, we invite you to arrive 30 minutes before the start time of the service you’ll be attending, then head for the Kids Info Desk and we will help you check-in your child and walk with you to their room.



Family Discipleship

God calls the family to play a vital role in discipling the next generation. How this is accomplished varies from family to family and is as unique as the DNA of each home. Family discipleship isn’t one-size-fits-all, and it isn’t easy—even the most intentional of Christian parents may find themselves at a loss as to how to begin. We want to come alongside parents to help them craft their own approach to family discipleship. Though each family is unique, we believe that vibrant family discipleship can take shape through family worship and a framework of time, moments and milestones.


Parents build intentional time into the rhythm of family life for the purpose of thinking about, talking about and living out the gospel.


Parents capture and leverage opportunities in the course of everyday life for the purpose of gospel-centered conversations.


Parents mark and make occasions to celebrate and commemorate significant spiritual milestones of God’s work in the life of the family and child.


Creekside Kids: Special Friends Program

To find out more, contact our Kids Pastor, Carolyn Burge.



Connect on Facebook

The Creekside Kids Facebook page is there to help engage, equip, and connect parents in to the ministry on a deeper level. We want to partner and come along side parents to help their kids develop a faith that sticks. Additionally, never miss an update about our family events or program information.