… growing to new places …


…to Feb 26, 2017.  Launch day!

You’re invited to Kitchener Campus

As we look forward to our launch in early 2017, you are invited to get involved at the ground level.  Find the place that you can serve in by watching these videos and signing up.

Already signed up to join the Kitchener Campus?  Let’s get to know one another better.  Come to the Campus Connection Event happening Jan 22nd @ 4pm at Creekside Waterloo Campus.





The Adventure Update

We are excited to announce that we are moving ahead with 1356 Weber St E for our Kitchener Campus!

… it started with a dream …

It all started with a dream to start a church in Waterloo.  $5,000 and a heart of faith, Creekside church was started.  Now we are feeling that same dream and faith to have a second Creekside campus in Kitchener.
The elders team has recommended 1356 Weber St E as a potential location to start the adventure.

Why? Here are three main reasons

1.  Numeric growth at the Waterloo Campus.  A Kitchener Campus would alleviate some of the facility constrains.

2.  Some people drive 20kms or more to attend the Waterloo Campus.  The Kitchener Campus would not only save time and cost of travel, but it would make inviting neighbours and friends much easier.

3.  Our passion is to see people hear the Gospel.  We are better able to do that having a presence in that community.

Kitchener Campus Location

F A Q s

Why the multisite approach?

We will be able to expand our capacity to… Follow Jesus. Love God. Love People. Creekside wants to leverage our church’s strengths and maximize our potential to impact local communities around the region. Launching multisites helps to develop an intentional, region-wide strategy that is unique to each community while minimizing expenses. Creekside’s new campus will not be a separate church but another location of Creekside Church. We will operate as one church with one leadership team, one group of Elders, one staff and the same message each week. One Church. Multiple Locations.

How are multiple campuses still one church?

All campuses of Creekside will be served by one staff and elders’ team.  Some staff will have responsibilities that are campus specific.  All campuses will operate out of the same budget. On occasion all campuses will come together for the same events such as youth retreats, mission trips, large-scale compassion ministries, leadership development, training, and special conferences, etc.

What is the difference between a multisite church and a church plant?

A church plant is usually a small delegation of people who leave a church to develop a brand new church. While the sending church may help financially, typically a church plant is a completely new church with its own elders and budget. Multisite campuses are extensions of the original church; one church meeting in multiple locations.

What is the difference between the Waterloo Campus and Kitchener Campus?

The biggest difference is that the location for the Kitchener Campus is in a commercial plaza versus being located on it’s own property.  Our goal is that all campus experiences would reflect the values Creekside is guided by.  Attending the Kitchener Campus will be like walking into the Westside Auditorium and will also have multiple rooms for children’s programs. The areas will have the same décor and welcoming atmosphere as our Waterloo Campus.

Why this location?

There were a number of factors that helped determine 1356 Weber St. as the best location.  A few of those factors are the following:

  • Distance from the Waterloo campus – It was beyond 20 minutes
  • There were already over 100 households within a 10 minute drive
  • The property was already zoned for church use
  • The facility was already renovated with many of the necessary spaces
  • The cost of the lease

Why not just rent a school?

The comparison of costs for the a school versus the weber street location is the following:

  • School annual rent is approximately $60,000 for 3 – 4 hours a week.
  • 1356 Weber St. annual rent is approximately $100,000 for a 24/7 facility
  • School start-up costs would be approximately $150,000 to $200,000
  • 1356 Weber St. costs would be approximately $360,000

What Costs are associated with opening this Campus?

The cost to open this campus is $360,000 in renovations and approximately $170,000 to annually run the campus.

How long are we committed to this site?

We would be entering into a 5 year lease with an option for another 5 years.

What is the start date and why then?

We would like to launch tentatively February of 2017.   The renovations will take approximately 10-12 weeks.   We also want a number of weeks to confirm all the equipment will work for the streaming of the services between the campuses.

How is the teaching done across multiple campuses?

The teaching will predominately be through video streaming from the Waterloo Campus exactly like the current Westside Auditorium receives the teaching.

Will the teaching be a week delay?

The teaching will not be a week delayed.  It will be the same teaching as the Waterloo campus.

Are other aspects of the service on video?

The other aspects (i.e., music, prayer, communion, etc.) of the service will be live at that campus.  The Kitchener Campus will look, feel and function very similar to how the Westside Auditorium operates on any given Sunday.

Do you have other programs aside from the weekend services?

The goal of having a permanent site and not a rental allows us to have the ability to hold programming throughout the week. We will be able to provide space for Celebrate Recovery, Family outreach programs, Youth Programs , and various classes. The Kitchener Campus will be available to be used 24/7 for any activities that the various departments will want to provide.

Who will staff the new site?

There will be a fulltime campus pastor that will be responsible for all aspects of the new campus.   That campus pastor will be resourced and supported by the other pastors when it relates to specific areas such as Kids, Youth, LifeGroups, Care, etc.   This will be a team effort to provide the same level of programs at the Kitchener campus as we have at the Waterloo campus.

Will there be additional campuses beyond Kitchener?

Yes, God willing!  It is the heart of the leadership to add new campuses in the future as our congregation grows.  We hope to launch additional campuses in locations that are located near concentrations of members to strategically advance the mission God has called us to.


Floor Plan