Kinsman Redeemer

Don’t Despair. There’s Hope. You Have a Kinsman Redeemer!  (3 lessons)

If you were a slave, who would buy your freedom? If you had an enemy, who would come to your defense? In the Old Testament, this buyer-defender known as a “kinsman – redeemer” was usually a close relative. If you’re a believer, you already have one – Jesus Christ! This rich study shows how Jesus both bought us (redeemer) and advocates (defends) for us, offering us an opportunity to rebuild our broken lives. A great short study to introduce friends to a taste of inductive Bible study. 

Cost: $10.00, includes workbook and also includes video teaching by Chuck Missler.

TUESDAY MORNINGS, BEGINNING January 3 | 9:15a – 11:45a

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